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    The Tonghua petroleum tool limited liability company had been established in 1973, is our country produces the petroleum repair of wells fishing tool Leading enterprise. The main product has the fishing, cuts, the reshaping, the mill rubs, makes up meets, but actually buckles, jolts, the side drills auxiliary, helps and so on each kind of petroleum repair of wells tool, the existing 10 big kinds of more than 150 varieties more than 1,100 specifications are at present domestic live Produces the repair of wells fishing tool variety to be most, specification most entire product performance fine specialized factory. The company is equipped with the scientific research institute with examination center.

    The enterprise has the self-management import and export power. Company in 1997 through French ISO9001 international quality system authentication. And in 2003 through API authentication. Is the Chinese petroleum natural gas group male tool-pusher picks the fitting one Level network member and director unit. Is the Chinese petrification spare parts fitting resources market member. In 2001 the company is evaluated the province rises the new technical enterprise. Company by first-class product, first-class service to domestic and foreign customers.





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